Different kind of jobs in IT

In the IT world there are many different kind of jobs and many more job titles for these jobs. I will try to give you a good overview of the kind of IT jobs that are out there in this blog post.


One of the most known jobs in IT is probably the role of developer. You can split this roles further down to more specialized roles such as a front-end developer and a back-end developer. A front-end developer is responsible for the user interface of the software. The back-end developer is responsible for creating correct data-structure and logic’s for the application to be able to work properly and secure. What you see has been made by the front-end developer. What you don’t see has been made by the back-end developer.

Deep dive

I will dive a little deeper into the role of back-end developer so you can understand the role better. Data in a application needs to be stored somewhere, usually in a database. The back-end developer takes care of this process, he will decide where and how the data will be stored and can be accessed again. Also some data needs to work together and perhaps calculations on the data needs to be performed. The back-end developer makes sure the data will be delivered in a good format to the front-end.


Engineers make sure the platform on which the software is running has been set up correctly. They will keep it up to date and can make adjustments while the software demands are growing.

Software consultants

IT software consultants are the persons from the IT company which have directly contact with the customer. They try to get new customers. Try to keep current customers happy and try to sell more products to current customers.

Technical support

There are different kind of technical support functions. A very big company can have it’s internal technical support department. It means you have to help colleagues in the company who have a problem with their IT devices or their IT software to keep the company as productive as possible.

Another kind of technical support is directly with customers of the company via e-mail, chat and phone. Depending on the type of company it can be a business to business function or a business to consumer function. It will be depended on the customers of the company, if they are mainly businesses or consumers.

I gave you a brief overview of the different kind of IT jobs out there. My goal was to put them in groups in stead of detailed functions. In that case I would not be able to put in a readable brief overview.