First job in IT

Before I started a job in IT I was looking for a job in HR. My background is an HR study, so it would make sense to also work in that area. At that time there was world wide financial crisis which caused that beginning jobs in HR where very hard to find. In the area I lived I could not find any job advertisements. Also I tried to just send companies an open letter in the hope there would be a company which had an opening for me. Unfortunately or maybe I can say now fortunately I could not find the job I wanted.

Looking for a job

Because of this situation I had to look elsewhere if there where jobs for me where I could fit with my talents and skills. I have to mention that as a side job next to my study I already worked at an IT company which made websites. My role was to transfer information from old website to the new CMS(Content Management System) system. There was a lack of available jobs at all because of the financial crisis.

Technical support job

At some point a job came up which turned out to be job at customer service of Apple. Apple hired a call center company to arrange this service for them in my country. There where some things which did not attract to me to the job at first. The salary was very low. The required availability was very high. A lot of phone calls. With hindsight it was a good starter job to gain experience. There was room to give your own interpretation to the job to make the customer very happy. I gained some good friends and learned technically and worked on my customer service skills.

Stepping stone to grow further

In the IT world there many technical skilled customer service jobs available and it makes a good stepping stone to grow further in the IT world. This starter job did not keep me happy for long term, it was also not aimed for the long term. The salary and asked availability was a good motivation to keep looking around. At some point I got in contact with a Software company who was looking for a technical skilled service desk employee. I decided to take this job. It gave the opportunity to grew further technically and the benefits and availability was very good. In this company I grew further towards a role as a developer.

It shows sometimes your path can be longer, but as long as you stick with it you can reach your goals sooner or later. Don’t give up!