Application letter

If your resume is perfect to apply for the IT job, then the next step is to create a perfect application letter to create a good picture of you for your future company. If you have an answer to all the questions in this post you’ve created the perfect job letter for your IT job.

Why you want to work for the company?

When your applying for a job, the company wants to know why you applied specifically for the IT job at their company. Find out information of the company and put in the letter what attracts you to their IT company. Try to keep it brief.

What attracts you to the IT job?

Now it is up to you to persuade the reader to convince them your a good fit for the IT job. You have to answer why the IT job attracted you in the first place. For an IT job for which you need skills to communicate with customers you can bring in your job at a restaurant if you would have that experience. In a restaurant you would have a lot of contact with customers and your hospitality skills should be high. You would already be halfway there. For the other half you need to proof your technical IT skills. Use your ability to make a website or helping friends and family with solving technical issues. If you’ve made a website or followed a course on Udemy, use it in the letter.

Give practical examples of your skills

I mean you can say you have all these skills but the reader wants to be convinced you know what you are talking about. For example, my hospitality skills are very good. I have experience as a waitress at a restaurant and got a lot of compliments and tips. The previous sentence will convince the reader your hospitality skills are good.