Work from home IT job

If your looking for a work from home IT job nowadays there are real good possibility’s for that. While a work from home IT job before the pandemic was possible for some day’s in the week, nowadays it’s possible to have a full work from home IT job.

Work from home

Many IT company’s are expecting the work from home IT job will remain possible after the pandemic will end. So at this moment you don’t have to look for a special work from home IT job because most IT jobs will already have this benefits.

Coming to office

In general most IT jobs will require you, at some point, to come in to office once or twice a week. Although there could be a shift coming towards working more from home. Since nowadays there are some IT company’s who have employee’s who never came and will come to office. For example a company like Gitlab is working like this.

Role in company

A role as a developer is a perfect work from home IT job which could give you the most possibilities for this benefit. Functions where you have to physically adjust servers would be less suitable. The company’s policy is in this regard also very important. While some company’s are very modern in their idea’s, there are still the old fashioned company where there is a mentality they think the more hours you are in at the office the more productive you are.


I am not sharing this opinion, I think you can motivate your employee better by giving the employee the responsibility to deliver their job in a way they are happy with. For one person that will work differently then for another person. The one person can be perfectly happy working from the office and put many hours in. While the other person likes the work from home IT job where they have the freedom during the day to sometimes do something else. If your not forcing yourself to force to do the job al the time you give room for creativity.