I have created the website IT job secrets with the purpose of sharing my knowledge and experience with you. I’m working as a developer, but I didn’t have an IT background. I started with a HR study as a background I know a lot of people nowadays want to switch their job to an IT job. The purpose of this website is to help you get your job.

I don’t have the right background to start in IT

A lot of people working in IT don’t have an IT study before they started their IT job. A lot of companies like to have a mix of skills in the team to make the IT team as whole smarter and stronger.

How should I present myself for an IT job

There are some questions that will come up and need to be adressed. Why would you want to work in IT. Maybe at some point you’ve made websites and wanted to know more about it and you followed some courses. Maybe you’ve helped friends and family to solve their problems with IT devices. These experiences you can use to your benefit as proof to show an IT job could fit you wel if given you the chance.

Follow courses

By following courses, for example on Udemy, in IT topics which you like you can easily talk about the subject during a job interview. It also proofs you are willing to learn and although you don’t have the experience yet you are dedicated to your destination to get an IT job.


Start by finding job advertisements which you would like to start out with in the IT world. Look at the requirements for the job. Find out what each requirement means. In this manner you already learned something and you will be better prepared for the job interview.

I will add many more blog posts on the It job secrets website to help you find your IT job. See you soon again!